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It is assumed, that you have a recent (1.4+) Java environment on your computer. This is because, the programm has been precompiled for Java 1.4. At least the (older) byte-NGramJ part has been carefully coded and tested to run with Java 1.1 when you add the repackaged collections-jdk1.2.jar which once kicked arround in the internet. I lost track of it. I'm not aware if these repackaged collections are a legal problem, but I'm also not sure if really anyone needs Java 1.1 anymore.

If you don't have Java, please, download java here.

NGramJ currently comes in two different packages (VVV is some lengthy version information):
A prebuild version with the basic jar archives with everything included to run instantly.
The complete development system, if you want to hack away yourself.

For the actual download go to the Sourceforge Download Page.

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