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Usage is very simple.

  1. Unpack cngram.jar from the binary download.
  2. Type cngram.jar on the commandline. This is an self executing jar and this works on JRE installations from version 1.2. If your JRE is misconfigured use the equivalent call
    java -jar cngram.jar
  3. This command has several options, which are essentially self explaining.
  4. Note A: Some options are rather for testing than for usage.
  5. Most common call is
    cngram.jar -lang2 YOUR_FILENAME FILE_ENCODING
    which calls the new enhanced language determination. (-lang uses the old algorithm, -lang2b calls the new algorithm twice to demonstrate speedup.)
  6. Note B: File encoding for input files with CNgram is optional, if you don't give on explicitely, ISO-8859-1 is used.
  7. When a metrics class is requested, you have to provide the full qualified classname of a class implementing NGramMetric, thus describing a way how different ngram profiles are compared. Note, the RawMetric seems to be the most common used.

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