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This can also be found in the ChangeLog.txt file.

subversion $Revision: 5 $ $Date: 2006-03-29 14:16:05 +0200 (Mi, 29 Mrz 2006) $

2006-03-29 work in progress no packaged release
* Corrected mistakes in the documentation.

2006-03-27 version 1.0
* First public release of CNgram: Character based language recognition!
* NGramJ wakes from stasis after over 4 years.
* Some optimizations of NGramJ memory performance.
* Added ant based building.
* Moved ngram to the Package.
* Corrected typographic wrong class name "Cathegory".
* Provide self executing archives for both CNgram and NGramJ.
* CNgramj (2 prerelease) straightened NGramProfiles
* CNgramj (2 prerelease) added new Nutch profiles

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